Friday, January 14, 2005


Refuting Dumb Arguements

So...there's people out there who are stupid enough to think Kanye shouldn't be banned. Let me refute those dumb-ass arguements:

A) Kanye Co-Wrote It, Produced It, and Performed It
No he didn't. I personally know someone who knew that song in it's original form (so the beat and lyrics existed in an original version, which was a Rhymefest solo). Still don't believe me? Ask Rhymefest.

“I was going around this town performing ‘Jesus Walks’ two years ago,” he says. “I even gave it to a radio station. You think they played it? No.

B) Yeah, Kanye Sucks but [insert rapper] is Worse
Unfortunately, the Ying-Yang Twins or J-Kwon or whoever aren't nominated for 10 Grammy's. They aren't walking around with bullshit comments about being the greatest ever or geniuses. And J-Kwon has almost completely washed away into obvlivion by himself for being so bad. Kanye will linger if we only take out the absolute bottom of the rap community, unlike the absolute bottom which will go away in a few years (Chingy, anyone?). If you really want to go for the worst, go for Vanilla Ice. If you want to go for something bad yet relevant, ban Kanye.

C) Yeah but [insert genre of shitty music] Does That All the Time
I think Bol covers that one well. I'd like to add: Beeyotch!

C) Yeah, He's a Douche but It's His Music That Counts
Unfortunately, it's not his music. Meaining he doesn't "count".

Send more dumb arguements here.

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